Hi, I’m Mandy (she/her), I’m a mom, partner, farmer’s market owner, and a Nutritionist (R.H.N). There have been many little, and not so little things and people over the past few years that have led me to where I am today. While the catalyst for this shift may have been my dog, it actually started a few years earlier with my daughter and it was only reinforced through my own health journey of digestive issues, eczema, gallbladder removal, and resulting hormonal imbalances.

All of these earlier experiences left me feeling a loss of control over the health of myself and my family and it did not feel good. I felt helpless. It was only when I began to do my own research and working with alternative practitioners, such as a Naturopathic Doctor for myself and my daughter and later a Holistic Vet for our dogs, that things began to change. I gained knowledge and I began to regain control. We celebrated our bodies with good wholesome food, pure water, fresh air, movement, and laughter. I went from being a passive participant to one who was very engaged and active in the health and wellness of my family. I shifted from feeling helpless to feeling hopeful.

Throughout my own evolving journey towards health and wellness, and that of my family, my goal is to support others to regain control over their health.

​I believe that supporting people in a holistic way, means that we turn our attention toward the whole person/family and not simply the part that is causing pain or discomfort.

The journey of health and wellness is not a straight line on the express route; it isn’t found in a magic pill or a quick fix. Nonetheless, it can be a journey of discovery and empowerment.

​Celebrate and nourish your mind, body, and spirit; these habits will transform your life.