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Women’s Energy Makeover

Are you tired of feeling tired, catch yourself reaching for sweets and coffee just to get through the afternoon, or find you’re looking forward to bedtime by noon?

Learn common energy zapping foods and habits and how to overcome them so that you have the energy to move through your day in the way that you want.

Digestion Wellness Program

Do you experience bloating, indigestion, cramping, constipation or diarrhea? Does your stomach and gut dictate what, when and where you eat? Are you tired of not feeling well after you eat? Do you wish you could live in stretchy pants? Do you catch yourself planning where you go based on the nearest washrooms when you’re out? Does this get in the way of you enjoying your life?

Learn the best foods for You, how to support your digestive health, practice mindful eating, reduce stress, and gain the tools needed to live a gut-happy lifestyle. Let’s book a call for a free consultation to see how I may help.

Children’s Health + Wellness Program

Does your child catch every bug going around? Do they get “hangry” when they don’t eat? Are they picky eaters or are you concerned that they are not getting the nutrients they need to grow and thrive?

Learn how to support your child’s health and wellness and develop a stronger, more resilient foundation.

Family Nutrition Program

Are you looking for support and information on how to identify and meet the varying nutritional needs in your family?

Learn the best foods for you and your family to help build a stronger family from the inside.

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“We reached out to Mandy to help our whole family achieve better nutrition.”

“She helped us navigate post-partum concerns, toddler nutritional needs, and caffeine addictions!

Very friendly and helpful for our family. Thanks, Mandy!”

– Kristen D.

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Healthy + Delicious 5-Ingredient Recipe Guide

If you’re looking for EASY recipes with AFFORDABLE ingredients, my Healthy & Delicious 5-Ingredient Recipe eBook is packed with tasty 5-ingredient recipes that even the pickiest eater will LOVE!